Protect plans from night frost

Sow and plant out tender vegetables at the end of the month

Protect crops from carrot fly

Ventilate greenhouses

Take cuttings from herbaceous perennials

Protect young plants from slugs

Thin out annuals and vegetables that were sown outdoors earlier in the year

From “Gardening Through the Year” by Ian Spence

Harvest early crops such as radishes and salad leaves

Sow ridge cucumbers for planting out at the beginning of June

Continue successional sowing of beetroot, cabbage, carrots, salad-onions, lettuce, peas, broad beans, radishes, and turnips

Leeks sown earlier can be planted out if not done last month

Plant out celery

Globe artichokes sown earlier under cover can be planted out towards the end of the month

Plant out marrows and courgettes at the end of the month

Direct-sow runner beans, French beans, and sweetcorn

Transplant Brussel sprouts and other winter brassicas to their cropping position

Sow chard and leaf beet

Pinch out the tops of broad beans when they flower to discourage blackfly

Protect carrots from carrot fly

Hoe regularly to keep down weeds

Earth up early potatoes, drawing a little soil up over emerging shoots

Lift and divide mint


From “Gardening Through the Year” by Ian Spence