Feed and water all plants

Continue deadheading flowers

Water vegetables regularly throughout August

Lift and dry onions and cut and dry herbs for winter use

Tomato plants will need regular feeding and watering, and take care to remove yellowing leaves

Prop up heavily laden fruit tree branches

Summer-prune gooseberry and redcurrant plants

Finish summer-pruning apples and pears and other trained fruit trees

Sow parsley and pot up herbs for later use


From “Gardening Through the Year” by Ian Spence

Sow green manure crops on vacant ground

Harvest onions when the foliage collapses

Keep harvesting crops while they are young

Harvest beans and freeze them

Sow Japanese onions to harvest early summer next year

This is the last month for sowing salad crops outdoors

Continue to sow spring cabbage

Continue watering and weeding regularly

Look out for pests

Continue earthing up celery

Sow parsley to last through the winter

Pot up other herbs such as chives for use during the winter



From “Gardening Through the Year” by Ian Spence