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Preparing for the Green Recovery

Last updated: 11.55am, Thursday 3rd September 2020 by

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Preparing for the Green Recovery

Despite Covid-19 affecting their numbers, proximity and activities, Scotland’s green volunteers have spent the last few months planning for action. The Action Earth campaign, run by national charity Volunteering Matters, has officially launched its 2020 grant giving scheme, encouraging volunteers to get involved in planting activities and habitat builds designed to enrich local nature and help tackle the current climate emergency.

In the last few weeks grants have been given to volunteers groups whose activities will include the creation of a new hospital community garden, the greening of a sports track used by disabled people, tree-planting by vulnerable teenagers who have been in long-term care and the re-energising of gardens at a therapeutic break centre for young people with cancer and their families. Other projects have included invasive species removal, creation of sensory gardens & community orchards and food growing projects by volunteers in areas of multiple deprivation where Covid-19 impacts are amongst the greatest.

The campaign, which is funded by NatureScot (formerly Scottish Natural Heritage), offers easy to access grants of up to £500 for environmental activities across Scotland. NatureScot Chief Executive Francesca Osowska says: “We all benefit from nature in so many ways – and we all have an important role to play to create a nature-rich future for Scotland. Action Earth projects and volunteers are leading the way with their fantastic work to improve local biodiversity in communities across the country. We look forward to continuing to support this crucial work to improve the state of our nature, which we know is vital to help solve the climate emergency we all face.”

Projects should offer a safe volunteering experience and need to adhere to Scottish Government guidance and safe practice around Covid-19. Projects must conclude by Feb 2021.

More information is available and applications can be made NOW at the Volunteering Matters Action Earth website:

If you would like to discuss ideas beforehand, please contact:

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