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Scotland Climate Week

Last updated: 2.22pm, Saturday 1st October 2022 by

Like many other allotments, community gardens and green spaces in Scotland we are supporting Scotland’s Climate Week. But we don’t just do this one week a year, we do this every single day.

Community Gardens help to store Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere whilst releasing oxygen from plant photosynthesis. They help to cool the surrounding area and provide a much-needed habitat for wildlife, big and small, that inhabits our urban towns and cities, encouraging wildlife to come back into an area.
It brings people together, provides fresh fruit and vegetables, reduces air miles and the health and wellbeing benefits are unmeasurable.
The old proverb 'great oaks from little acorns grow' could not have been better suited for community gardens and allotments. Small changes make a big difference. #ScotClimateWeek

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