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Cultivation Street Winners 2017

Last updated: 4.41pm, Monday 22nd October 2018 by

We are the Champions

Shettleston could not be more deserving of being crowned the Community Garden Winner for 2017 and the top prize that goes with it. These folks have created something that epitomises everything a community garden should be. They have taken a discarded and poisoned piece of land and they have transformed it into something both beautiful and productive that benefits the whole community around them. People from different generations, cultures, and economic situations are coming together, forming strong local bonds, sharing skills and knowledge, learning and having great times together.
The tremendous community spirit of these dedicated and generous volunteers has totally inspired myself and the whole Cultivation Street team. This is the kind of community garden project that transforms neighbourhoods, and our dream at Cultivation Street is to share stories like Shettleston to inspire others, and together to transform the whole nation through the power of gardening together.

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